Sarah and Travis 09/21/2019

I had the pleasure of planning a wedding for one of my best friends! She is jem and a wonderful, kind heart, free spirit person that i know. I was not the wedding coordinator for this day, I had a previous obligation on that same day. I But the day was beautiful and the wedding was gorgeous. I helped with the dress alterations, picking out the alcohol for the wedding. Helped negotiate contracts with the carter, bartenders, and DJ.

The venue was at 9 Oaks Farm in Monroe, a beautiful barn setting. They had a simple cakes and a dessert bar, that was done by the groom’s sister. She has a bakery in New York City. The ceremony was outside next to the reception. The room was huge with tall ceilings, light on beam post, tress that had lights also. Barn doors that slide open and close. Hair and makeup was done so pretty.

They parted all night long, until closing time, the Bride and the Groom were sent off by sparklers! I could not ask for a better couple, that is surrounded by Love for each other or Love by family and friends!

Thank you Sarah and Travis for letting me help you get the wedding of your dreams!

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