Sarah and Travis 09/21/2019

I had the pleasure of planning a wedding for one of my best friends! She is jem and a wonderful, kind heart, free spirit person that i know. I was not the wedding coordinator for this day, I had a previous obligation on that same day. I But the day was beautiful and the wedding was gorgeous. I helped with the dress alterations, picking out the alcohol for the wedding. Helped negotiate contracts with the carter, bartenders, and DJ.

The venue was at 9 Oaks Farm in Monroe, a beautiful barn setting. They had a simple cakes and a dessert bar, that was done by the groom’s sister. She has a bakery in New York City. The ceremony was outside next to the reception. The room was huge with tall ceilings, light on beam post, tress that had lights also. Barn doors that slide open and close. Hair and makeup was done so pretty.

They parted all night long, until closing time, the Bride and the Groom were sent off by sparklers! I could not ask for a better couple, that is surrounded by Love for each other or Love by family and friends!

Thank you Sarah and Travis for letting me help you get the wedding of your dreams!

Boho Woodland Baby shower for Baby Dakota

Boho showers are fun to do. They are girly, pastels, baby animals, and tee pees! Yes, tee pees, this was for a co worker of mine, and I was so excited about this one cause it was a Surprised! She has no idea that this was her theme.  I believe wholeheartedly that ALL babies should be celebrated! And I also have this life motto where any occasion is a good reason for a party. 😉 It was full of love and I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time!

I kept things simple this time too, i wanted this to girly and woods like. She loves anything with deer and antlers, I wanted her to use some of the decorations for her nursery too. Now, keep in mind this was at work, so we had to use the break room for this baby shower. I uses sheer curtains to hide certain things in the wall, But got a 132 feet of mossy vines to give it a forest feel. Yes you read right, 132 feet that i got off of AMAZON for only $8.99! Most of the decorations were bought off of Amazon or i had some things from previous weddings that I have done too. The ” Oh Deer” banner is super cute and so much glitter! But a really good statement to go with her shower.

Now, let me talk about the backdrop. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! I saw it, yes once again on Amazon, and i had to get it. When it arrived i was blown away on the colors, the vinyl was perfect, thick and great feel to it! The baby animals are not and themselves! They are cute with little flower crowns on their heads! I feel in love with this backdrop!

The Baby boxes were a great addition to this this shower also and they were great. A little hard to put together, since we had no instructions, but Yeah we got it done! The balloons we blew up with a air machine, not too big since were putting in the boxes! We did about 3 or 4 depending on how big the balloons were. I would recommended these boxes for anyone doing a shower.

We had a awesome time celebrating this beautiful baby girl! Thank You so much Grayson for letting me do this for you!

Winter Wonderland for Baby Lytle

When you think of winter, you think of bitter cold, snow, and the wind howling so cold that it stiffs your bones! But winter is my favorite season, when I helped plan this baby shower for a friend she wanted a winter wonderland. So immediately i sprung into action, thinking about snow, woods, woodland animals, snowflakes everything that has to deal with winter!

The decorations was simple, pink, silver, and white! Snowflakes from the ceiling to give it the falling effect. Woodland animals scattered around the tables. Tress covered in snow as centerpieces. Also can we talk about these BEAUTIFUL balloons, the winter garland was strung above the food table. The venue was close to home for mama, not to mush of a drive.

For the food, we decided for a buffet style. I love the idea of people being able to serve themselves and get up and move around as they please. I also wanted to make sure we had LOTS of desserts on hand, Cause it is a baby shower! We opened presents for everyone to see and to enjoy! The gifts were perfect and my heart melted into the floor with so much love for this baby girl on her way! What an amazing day surrounded by friends and family!

Wanted to say Thank you for Karen and Bredron for letting me celebrate this baby girl with you!