Thank you for coming by!

My name is Robin Loggins and I am a wedding planner.  I was born and raise in douth Georgia; a TRUE SOUTHERN PEACH. You can tell by my southern accent.  I grew up in the south Georgian town called Albany, then my mom and dad moved to the north Georgia mountains; Dahlonega.

I love the small town feel. As they say, “The mountains are calling” is truly a great statement. Growing up in mountains, near Cleveland, Hiwassee, Blairsville, Rabun, Dillard, the most gorgeous views anyone will see.  I am lover of all things fall and winter. Some people tell me to move to a colder spot than Georgia.

I am a fur mama of two beautiful dogs that are like my sons. Plus I am marring my best friend next year and when I do, I will gain a 15 year old son.

As a true peach, I Love food!!!!!  My fiance and I love to try new foods and have recently discovered food trucks. We love them and they are awesome! I highly recommend them to any wedding, reception, dinner rehearsals or anything!

See my mind, goes into planning!

I have always loved helping people, either it be through weddings, baby showers, birthdays, or even get togethers with friends or family.  I have a gift for the small details and the lover of all types of lists! I love making lists and checking them twice. I guess you can call me a southern Santa!

I have always been creative when it comes to things, which led me into becoming a wedding planner!

I am going to leave you my favorite quote:
Only do what  your heart tells you.”  – Princess Diana